Amyand’s Hernia Detected During Elective Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Amyand’s Hernia Detected During Elective Inguinal Hernia Surgery


  • Murat Kartal
  • Mesud Fakirullahoglu


Hernia, Appendix, Inflammation


Amyand’s hernia (AH) is the presence of the appendix vermiformis (AV) in the hernia sac. This case report is aimed to present the approach to the case of AH, which was detected in an elective inguinal hernia repair. A 44-year-old male patient was admitted with complaints of bilateral bulging and pain in the groin. On physical examination, there was bulging in the bilateral inguinal region, which was more pronounced when the patient was standing. It was observed that bulging increased with the Valsalva manoeuvre. Laparoscopic hernia repair was planned for the patient under general anaesthesia. An indirect inguinal hernia sac extending to the scrotum on the right and containing the omentum was seen. When the omentum was pulled into the abdomen, appendix vermiformis was seen in the hernia sac (Amyand’s hernia). There was no sign of inflammation in the appendix vermiformis. Small adhesions between the hernia sac and the appendix vermiformis were removed, and the appendix vermiformis was removed from the sac without resection. Subsequently, bilateral inguinal hernia repair was performed laparoscopically. The patient was taken to the service after the operation, and he was discharged the next day of the operation without complications.